About Us

The Autauga Interfaith Care Center (AICC) is an ecumenical response of Autauga County churches and service agencies to help meet the physical and spiritual needs of individuals and families facing urgent situations. All assistance will be given in a confidential and non-judgmental manner.

We assist impoverished residents of Autauga County facing temporary difficulties. There are two types of families AICC serves. One type is the family who relies on their own resources to support themselves. The aid we provide must be meaningful, and be expected to resolve the urgent setback. The other type of family AICC helps has very few support resources and finds itself in dire need on a consistent basis. The aid provided is expected to meet a critical, basic necessity.

Witness to the Christian faith

First, we believe that no more effective witness can be made to the love, which God demonstrates through Jesus Christ than when Christians reach out to serve the less fortunate in his name.

Second, we are, without apology, an agency which makes known the gospel. Every bag of groceries leaves our Center with a small tract explaining who Jesus is, detailing the plan of salvation, and inviting people to know Him Who is the Bread of Life.

Third, each staff member is encouraged (but not required) to offer a verbal witness at any time during the aid process, whenever that staff member feels this is most appropriate. It is only required that the staff member be sensitive to the client’s situation, and that the client’s aid not be predicated upon any response of faith or reception of the witness.